St. Stephen’s is a welcoming and affirming parish which openly accepts all of God’s children to worship with us and become part of our faith family.

Through visiting our virtual St. Stephen’s, we hope you will discover the work of the Holy Spirit in our parish and in our lives.

Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King is a formally recognized group of women, communicants of the Episcopal Church, whose mission is the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Service and Evangelism. Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service.  When becoming a Daughter the member reaffirms her promises made at Baptism and Confirmation, pledging herself to a life-long program of prayer, service and evangelism. Daughters of the King chapters also dedicate corporate work to strengthening the spiritual life of our parish.

No special spiritual attributes are needed to become a Daughter of the King – only a sincere desire to draw nearer to God, and to help others do the same. All women are welcome to visit a meeting and inquire about membership.

Here at St. Stephen’s our Epiphany Chapter of DOK meets after church (around 11:30) on the first Sunday of every month.  The only exceptions in 2018 will be in April, since the first Sunday is Easter, and possibly July and September.  The dates for those months will be decided later.