St. Stephen’s is a welcoming and affirming parish which openly accepts all of God’s children to worship with us and become part of our faith family.

Through visiting our virtual St. Stephen’s, we hope you will discover the work of the Holy Spirit in our parish and in our lives.


Lector - Marilyn

The public reading of the Holy Scriptures has been a central feature of Christian worship since the earliest days, and has its origin in the synagogue worship of Israel. Typically there are four Bible readings during the service, two from the Olt Testament (one of which is a Psalm) and two from the New Testament (one of which is from the Gospels and is ready by our Priest). Lectors, which simply means “readers,” are members of our congregation who have expressed an interest in deepening their experience of worship, and in particular, their appreciation of wisdom, poetry, and power of the Holy scriptures.

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