St. Stephen’s is a welcoming and affirming parish which openly accepts all of God’s children to worship with us and become part of our faith family.

Through visiting our virtual St. Stephen’s, we hope you will discover the work of the Holy Spirit in our parish and in our lives.


Sunday mornings are alive with the celebration of our risen Lord. The choir begins a rehearsal at 9 AM,  altar guild volunteers come in to set the table for the feast of the Holy Eucharist, ushers prepare the weekly bulletin and set out a food donations basket while a hospitality crew makes coffee for fellowship after our worship service.

Our Sunday morning worship services start at 10:00 AM each week. You can join the joyful hymns from the long tradition of Anglican music and enjoy frequent additions of contemporary praise. We use an order of service called a Liturgy, including prayers, readings  — from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Gospels — a weekly teaching Sermon, then the recitation of our Creed. Next we “pass the peace” by greeting each other — everyone! — in the name of the Lord before we offer gifts of anthems, our treasure and the elements of bread and wine. Communion, the Holy Eucharist, is celebrated every Sunday. All baptized persons are welcome to receive the consecrated bread and wine — or you can just come to the altar for blessing if you chose.

Please join us. We are all people hungry for enlightenment, seeking personal inspiration not as spectators to a ritual but as participants in a community of faith in action. We are open to lives different than our own, each seeking to present the face of God to humanity in our own manner.

Would you like to worship mid week? We have a Holy Eucharist service on most Wednesdays at noon. This small, intimate service does not include music but is perfect for meditation and pastoral blessings. Check the calendar to make sure it is on the schedule.

Special worship services are scheduled on days like Ash Wednesday, Maunday (Holy) Thursday and Good Friday. Check our calendar and event schedule for specific times.